Did You Know That Your Child Car Seat Has an Expiration Date?

Did you know that child car and booster seats have expiration dates? If you aren't familiar with the expiration date on your child's safety seat, now is the time to check. Expiration dates are placed on these seats because of the possibility of deterioration of the plastic used to make them. A safety seat should never be used after ten years. In fact, most experts recommend that you discard your seat after five years from the manufacture date. Car seats manufactured in the last several years have an expiration date on them.

You should be especially careful of used car seats. Never purchase a car seat from a stranger. If the seat has been in an accident, and this is not disclosed to you, you could be putting your child in danger. This is because an accident, even a minor one, can compromise the structural integrity of the car seat, making it more likely to fail in the event of another accident. Unless you get your car seat from a trusted friend or relative, you will never know the history of the safety seat.

If you have a car seat without an expiration date on the label, you can look in the manual or call the manufacturer to find out how long you can safely use the seat. Many parents are dismayed to find that they should discard a car seat that looks perfectly fine to them. However, damage to the plastic in the seat cannot always be detected by looking at it. Car seats are subject to extremes of heat and cold over the course of several years' use. This can cause the plastic in the seat to break down and become brittle. While this may not matter when the seat is used to simply hold your child in the car, in the event of an accident, it can be fatal. This is due to the extreme stress exerted on the seat during an accident, which can cause the seat to fail.

If you do have an old car seat that needs to be discarded, be sure to destroy it in a way that renders it useless so that no one will pick it up thinking it is still safe to use. You can cut the cover and harness or use a saw or hammer to break the shell. This will ensure that it cannot be used again.

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