Rental Insurance Is an Important Investment! Here Is Why We Find It Necessary

Anyone will tell you that renter’s insurance is a great investment. While renting allows much of the responsibility of maintaining the property to fall on your friendly property management team, it doesn’t extend to a renter’s personal belongings. So, unfortunately, say that disaster struck your apartment home: what would you do? Our insurance pays for the damage to the building, but if you’d feel more secure with coverage of your possessions, you’ll want to invest in a renter’s insurance plan. Here are some events that standard renter insurance plans will cover:

• Fire or lightning
• Windstorm or hail
• Explosion
• Riot or civil commotion
• Damage caused by aircraft
• Damage caused by vehicles
• Smoke
• Vandalism or malicious mischief
• Theft
• Volcanic eruption
• A falling object
• The weight of ice, snow or sleet

Prices for renters insurance vary from state to state, and finding the best renters insurance means shopping around for the right coverage at a good price. Take these protections into consideration and do what is best for you and your family.

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